About Me

Short Bio: I’m just a dude who really likes bread and pizza.

Longer Bio: In addition to being a dude who really likes bread and pizza, I’m also a copywriter, author, and mostly-retired screenwriter. I live in sunny Scottsdale, AZ with my wife and daughters. My wife and I also create animal children’s books that can be sung to the melody of pop music hits.

I’ve been into bread and pizza my whole life. I’m the dude that can’t help but overeat the bread and butter they bring out at restaurants. While I’ve always been into cooking, it wasn’t until I moved away from my favorite pizza joint that I took a stab at making pizza myself. That led me to making my own bread, which eventually led to sourdough baking and driving across the country with my starter riding shotgun.

Over the past few years, I’ve spent every weekend making bread, pizza, or both. Does that make me a pro? Of course not. But this is the internet, so you don’t actually need to know anything to speak your mind.

Now that I’ve lost your trust, let me attempt to regain it by saying that even though I’m not “an expert,” I have learned a good amount about baking, mostly things that can help simplify it for you. Because sourdough baking is a lot easier than you think. And almost no matter what you do, your baking will turn out great, you feel accomplished for doing something, and your friends will think you’re way cooler than you are — at least, I know my friends do.

So, I hope you dig the recipes and find them easy to execute. If there’s anything you ever want me to try to make or post about, feel free hit me up. If you’re just getting started with your sourdough baking, there’s no better place to start than with my simple sourdough starter.