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How to Make a Levain

Making a levain is one of the key steps for most sourdough recipes. One of the things that makes my recipes so simple is that I use the same levain for every single one. Sometimes, I’ll scale it up and double it based on the total flour I’m working with. However, for the most part, […]


How to Maintain a Starter

As easy as it was to make your simple sourdough starter, it’s exponentially easier to maintain it. Once you have a strong starter, it’s pretty damn hard to kill. I like to feed my starter at least every week; but, sometimes, I end up using enough of it up before then and have to build […]


Simple Sourdough Starter

What better to have as a first post than to show you how to make a simple sourdough starter? This might sound crazy, but in as little as five days from reading this, you could be eating your own homemade sourdough bread. The best part? All you have to do after reading this is mix […]